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Change systems Change Systems. Choose the version of Internet Explorer 9 you need.

The Best Way to Run Internet Explorer on your Mac

Select Language:. Windows Internet Explorer 9 lets your websites shine and perform just like native applications on your PC. Details Version:. File Name:.

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Date Published:. You'll be prompted for your OS X password.

Troubleshooting If you run into any permissions-related issues, you can run the command using sudo super user by prepending each command above with sudo. If you have any issues running the "Install all versions" command, check to make sure you have the latest version of VirtualBox and, if you still have issues, try installing each VM separately instead. If you run into an error similar to VBoxManage: However, installation using this method is unreliable, so if you see an error at the end of the script you can safely ignore it unless you want the Edge browser, of course.

How to Install Internet Explorer 9 in OS X

If you really want the Edge version, you'll need to do a bit of troubleshooting of your own. Then, select the VM containing the version of Internet Explorer that you'd like to launch, and click Start. The Virtual Machine will now spin up! All hail the nostalgic Windows XP startup sound.

Internet Explorer 9 for Mac

The Windows images you're using inside of the VM are completely legal and free -- however, their licenses expire every 30 days and must be refreshed by loading an older "snapshot" of the VM. I recommend you create a snapshot of each VM right now or maybe after you've configured your hosts files for local development.

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When your license for each VM expires in 30 days, you can simply restore your VM to this snapshot, effectively resetting your day license to day 1. No, this version of Internet Explorer is not compatible with Windows XP, as it has security and graphics functionality that requires components which are not available on Windows XP, an operating system that was first released in Yes, this version of Internet Explorer is compatible with Windows Vista.

This is because the various functionalities contained within IE9 are in sync with the software that runs Windows Vista. However, it should be noted that this is the last version of Internet Explorer that runs on Windows Vista.

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Yes, the program, which was released in March , is completely free to download. There are no extra features that can be paid for, either.

How to run Internet Explorer in Mac OS X (for free)

Yes, the program is available in both bit and bit. However, it is no longer supported by Microsoft in terms of security software and updates. In this version of Internet Explorer, the graphics have been improved to give the user a more immersive and rich experience. Added to this is a revamped Javascript engine which significantly upgrades the speed of browsing for the user.